My first post, a journey about vitamix and weight loss.

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Posted by The Big Guy

Here goes nothing: my first post documenting Vitamix and weight loss.

I have had my Vitamix blender for about 2 weeks now. During that time I have made some different types of whole foods and vegetable drinks and I am pretty confident I can stick to this plan. I repeat this phrase in my head every day: vitamix and weight loss.

I had my first physical in a very long time today. I weighed in at 302 pounds. My liver enzymes were three times higher the normal limit. My cholesterol is high. My blood pressure has not improved a whole lot. Today I start the “diet”. It’s more of a lifestyle change than a diet.

After I fasted for bloodwork, I had a banana/yogurt/flaxseed/steel cut oat smoothie. I’ll post that recipe sometime this week. It’s good, and keeps me full for awhile. I also made a fruit smoothie that I had for lunch. I will post that recipe tomorrow as well.

Not a riveting first post. But it is a start.





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15 Responses to My first post, a journey about vitamix and weight loss.

  1. Mrs E says:

    Congratulations on embarking on your weight loss journey. Please accept my best wishes for patience, humor and success.

    Also, please continue to post weight loss results and recipes and pictures. They are very helpful.

    I just purchased a new Vitamix and am also starting a weight loss journey……or should we say, life style modification? LOL.

    I like your mantra, “Vitamix and Weight Loss.”

    I also recommend Louse Hay (author and publisher). She has authored numerous books on positive affirmations and in general, healing our bodies, lives and minds through spiritual journeys that begin with affirmations. Good stuff and easy to pick up now and then, read a paragraph or two, and then put back down for a while.

    Best of luck!

    Mrs E.

  2. Ophelia Gary says:

    Please email me and let me know how your weight loss journey is going.

    • The Big Guy says:

      Hi Gary – it has gone well. I am down 30 pounds from when I first started. My blood labs are normal and my blood pressure is down slightly. I feel a lot better overall. I don’t have indigestion and more and feel a lot less bloated in general. I don’t have as much time to exercise as I would like, but if I were able to get to the gym 4-5x a week I would probably be down a lot more.

  3. Vitamix newbie says:

    Good job! I myself have been struggling with my weight and recently purchased a vitamix from Costco. It was a HUGE investment but I figured it was for my health. I have had my yearly check ups and and everything seems to be fine but I would like to get the weight down so I can feel better about myself. I would love to learn more about the juice recipes you have tried and I really love soup so if you have recipes on that too let me know!


    • The Big Guy says:

      More soups are coming! Feel free to submit any recipes you have come up with and I will post them here (if you want).

  4. lisa says:

    hi!! :) just bought my vitamix 6300 yesterday and have already used it six times!! :D I’m curious if you are following a specific weight loss plan, or just “winging it” with healthy choices… Hubby and I are going to costa rica in june, and i MUST get myself in better shape, as there are a lot of physical adventures there! (that, and I’ll be wearing a bathing suit!! hahaha) congrats and happy mixing!

    • The Big Guy says:

      Wow – awesome! Good luck with your blender.

      I am not following a specific weight loss plan, just using common sense. Here is how I look at it – I normally like to eat an italian combo for lunch. If I replace that with some type of whole fruit/veggie smoothie, I have already made a 100% better decision for myself. Plus I have a lot more energy and don’t want to take a nap after lunch. It takes a day or to to get accustomed to the smoothies. You won’t have that “full” feeling, but after a day or so you will have a “I am satisfied” feeling. Here is a tip I find works – drink a big glass of water after your smoothie and you will feel pretty full for awhile. So, again, good luck! Enjoy vacation!

  5. Christina says:

    I just bought the Vitamix 6300 yesterday and want to use it to prepare better meals for my family and to lose weight. Seems to me that you are making great progress on your quest and so congratulations to you! I will be keeping my eye on your blog for inspiration and tips! thanks!

  6. Lise says:

    We are getting our Vitamix tomorrow. It is a big investment for us but we feel it’s well worth it. My husband and I want to improve our health and we both have a large amount of weight to lose. Congratulations on your weight loss journey, you have inspired me to do this too.

    • The Big Guy says:

      Best of luck to you. It’s a great machine and will change the way you think about meal planning and nutrition!

  7. Lise says:

    We bought our Vitamix Oct. 30th and I have used it every single day since. The smoothies are incredible! My fibromyalgia symptoms have gotten better, my energy levels are improving. I have been putting chia seeds and flax seeds in my smoothies. One thing I found interesting, we tried a friend’s Ninja and there was no comparrison! It left big chunks of pulp, seeds and grit. I love our Vitamix! I’ve lost 5 pounds in just under two weeks! I’ve been off Diet Coke now for about ten days, and off sugar as well.

    • The Big Guy says:

      yeah – The ninja cannot compare. I had someone comment here that their 30$ blender could function the same as a Vitamix. That is just silly. This is such a quality piece of kitchen hardware. Good luck with it!

  8. Lise says:

    I’m now down ten pounds without really trying! Just having my fruit/veggie smoothie with flax seeds and chia seeds every morning. I then eat a sensible dinner and a few healthy snacks. My energy levels are up and no more migraines! This has changed my life.

  9. Dee says:

    Look up and shop for your seed needs. Ground Hemp brought my Triglycerides down to almost normal in three months from 700.
    I have had the vitamix for years and failed to use it. I parked it in the back of a shelf and now I feel envious that you took the initiative to put it to work while I used it for an ornament. Thanks for the inspiration to dust it off and get moving forward into weight loss and good health.

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