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Funny Find While Searching for Recipes For Green Smoothies

The farmers market and Fairway Market both carry seasonal fruits and vegetables, so I know I am getting nutritious, healthy ingredients to incorporate into my recipes for green smoothies. I don't always buy 100% seasonal ingredients, but choosing this approach allows me to create recipes for green smoothies that are not monotonous. Anyway, I came across this picture at Stop and Shop in Stamford, CT and had a good chuckle. Enjoy!
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Spicy Green Vegetable Drink – Recipes For Green Smoothies

A recent trip to the Stamford Farmers Market inspired this spicy green vegetable drink, and now I have added it to my collection of recipes for green smoothies. I've often heard of people adding hot peppers or jalapenos to their green smoothie recipes. I love all types hot peppers, but was not sure how it would taste in a green smoothie recipe.
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Quick update on my Vitamix and weight loss experiment

I know I haven't blogged in awhile, but my quest to maintain my Vitamix and weight loss experiment has not ceased. I have just been busy with work. I am still drinking my shakes, still losing weight, and I feel great. I am down 17 pounds from Vitamix 5200 - Vitamix and weight lossthe time I started this Vitamix and weight loss experiment. I could have lost even more weight up until now, but I do allow myself some cheat days on the weekends. Nothing crazy, but enough to help keep me focused on why I am doing this in the first place.
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