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Strawberry Yogurt chicken marinade – Vitamix recipes for weight loss

I love greek yogurt. It’s really, really good and I add it to a lot of my vitamix recipes for weight loss. I am also a fan of yogurt sauces and marinades, and I am a bigger fan of the salty/sweet flavor … Continue reading →
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Recipes For Green Smoothies – A Blast of Berries!

Recipes for green smoothies don’t always have to be green. Add this Blast of Berry Vitamix smoothie to your collection of vitamix weight loss recipes! Berries were plentiful yesterday at the Irvington Farmers Market . The strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries … Continue reading →
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Green smoothie weight loss – Irvington farmers market inspired Vitamix weight loss smoothie

The goal: Green smoothie weight loss. Find delicious ingredients at the farmers market. The Irvington Farmer's market opened up yesterday. I was running out of ingredients for my vitamix smoothies; this was the perfect opportunity to support local farmers and restock on essentials that I need for the next few days. Green smoothie weight loss doesn't have to be a chore.
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