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Spicy Green Vegetable Drink – Recipes For Green Smoothies

A recent trip to the Stamford Farmers Market inspired this spicy green vegetable drink, and now I have added it to my collection of recipes for green smoothies. I've often heard of people adding hot peppers or jalapenos to their green smoothie recipes. I love all types hot peppers, but was not sure how it would taste in a green smoothie recipe.
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Week one vitamix and weight loss results

I lost 8.4 pounds in week one of my vitamix and weight loss journey. My weight fluctuated a bit over the weekend. I attended Wordcamp over the weekend and didn't have a lot of time to make my vitamix shakes and did not eat as well as I could have. I probably could have lost even more weight, but I will take 8.4 pounds of weight loss in one week. This week I will create some more recipes and post them, and hopefully drop another 8 pounds!
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My first post, a journey about vitamix and weight loss.

Here goes nothing: my first post documenting vitamix and weight loss. I have had my vitamix blender for about 2 weeks now. During that time I have made some different types of whole foods and vegetable drinks and I am pretty confident I can stick to this plan. I repeat this phrase in my head every day: vitamix and weight loss. I had my first physical in a very long time today. I weighed in at 302 pounds. My liver enzymes were three times higher the normal limit. My cholesterol is high. My blood pressure has not improved a whole lot. Today I start the "diet". It's more of a lifestyle change than a diet.
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